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Dilip Rahulan: Pacific Controls Galaxy 2021 Platform on Microsoft Azure

Dilip Rahulan: Pacific Controls Galaxy 2021 Platform on Microsoft Azure is Creating Limitless Opportunities for Governments and Businesses

Enhances Business Processes, Reduces Costs, Enhances Operational Efficiencies, Reduces Cycle Times, Improves Aftermarket Services and in addition Customer Satisfaction


Dilip Rahulan

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 11, 2016: Pacific Controls (PCS) and Microsoft declared conveyance of Galaxy 2021 on Azure, offering more brilliant IoT arrangements and administrations to government and business clients around the world.

G2021, an IoT door gadget supporting vast quantities of conventions and fit for incorporating all advantages was ensured for Microsoft Azure in January 2016, is accessible available to be purchased all around on Microsoft IoT commercial center.

PCS clients are presently ready to associate their advantages (structures, vehicles, mechanical gear and so on.) to the Galaxy stage on Azure, using G2021 and investigated through imaginative perceptions, removing noteworthy bits of knowledge into the utilization of benefits and business forms, distinguish and settle oddities, embrace proactive and prescient support, guarantee high up-times, diminish costs, spare vitality, minimize carbon impressions, and enhance reseller’s exchange benefits and accomplish operational effectiveness. Item makers and wholesalers are additionally utilizing business insight from Galaxy 2021 to increase R&D for enhancing their items.

The entryway is equipped for a protected and scrambled two-way correspondence encouraging remote recognition and diagnostics of any peculiarities which can be altered by adjusting frameworks or by infusing new calculations, lessening expenses of moving trucks for on location exercises.

“PCS is enchanted with the Microsoft association to make one of a kind abilities of Galaxy 2021 stage and G2021 door accessible comprehensively through Microsoft Azure and Microsoft IoT commercial center,” said Mr. Dilip Rahulan, Executive Chairman and CEO, PCS.

He included: “PCS and Microsoft plan to upgrade offerings utilizing correlative innovations of both sides, including reconciliation of Microsoft IoT center, making of machine learning chances to enhance execution of advantages, and using certain different abilities of Microsoft IoT suite.”

Samer Abu Ltaif, Regional General Manager, Microsoft Gulf said: “Pacific Controls is one of our most essential key accomplices. By utilizing Microsoft Azure and Pacific Controls Galaxy 2021 stage and G2021 passage gadgets, which are ensured for direct reconciliation with the Azure stage, we are making unparalleled open doors in the computerized innovations space.”

Dilip Rahulan┬áincluded: “Both sides are submitted towards expanding further combination of integral advances that will go far in upgrading computerized answers for our esteemed clients.”

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